Our passion for beer spans more than ten years.

We created Deck & Donohue to share this passion and, in our way, to move craft beer forward.




Our workshop in Montreuil is open to the public on Saturdays from 11am to 3pm.



Bonneuil: our new brewery

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A few weeks ahead of our first “open day” in our second brewery in Bonneuil on March 18, Mike recounts the installation phase which kept us busy a good part…

Concours de brassage amateur!

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En février 2005, au croisement de Mission Street et 26th Street à San Francisco, nous avons brassé notre première bière ensemble, dans la cuisine de Mike. Après de nombreuses années…

La filière du houblon, de la récolte à la coopérative. www.heidingerjm.com

Brassins d’automne

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Alors que l’Oktoberfest vient de se terminer, on s’intéresse ce mois-ci à d’autres traditions brassicoles de saison, plus ou moins anciennes, pour vous proposer des bières spéciales. L’Oktoberfest marquait à…


Summer of Hops

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The end of July and beginning or August marks the return of our Summer of Hops Series : as many people leave town on vacations and many places close for a…

Le Supplement

Mike & Thomas on French TV

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We had the opportunity to talk about our work and the Paris Beer Week festival on French TV a few days ago, check it out! Les Rois de la mousse…

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Deck & Donohue part II

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That’s it! We finally found the spot we’ve been looking for: by the end of the year, Deck & Donohue will add a second brewing site to our workshop in Montreuil….