About Us: Deck & Donohue


Mike and I have been passionate about beer for over fifteen years. We have visited many breweries, tasted hundreds of beers, brewed dozens of recipes. We created Deck & Donohue to share our passion.

We decided to give our last names to our brewery, because we wanted to mark our commitment to brewing beers we are proud of and also because today beer is no longer a product of terroir, but a recipe, and that the taste of beer depends more on those who make it than on the place where it is brewed.

Mike decided to leave the brewery and the end of 2018, especially because working together despite our years of friendship proved difficult. However, the whole team remains animated by the same passion and the same enthusiasm!

Our beer is now certified organic and brewed in Bonneuil-sur-Marne, in the greater Paris region.



in June 2019, we decided to close our workshop in Montreuil. Contact us to learn about future events at our brewery in Bonneuil.



première brasserie artisanale à Montreuil

Montreuil: The end of a chapter

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We have decided to close our atelier in Montreuil as of this summer. It is where we started our aventure back in 2013 and where we brewed our entire range…
bière blonde bio

Our commitment to the environment

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We are proud to announce that our core range is now certified organic! We have also been working towards reducing our environmental impact and protecting our ecosystem. Here are a…
Sous Bock Deck & Donohue

David Rager: the mastermind behind our graphic identity

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David Rager has been the mastermind behind all our artwork since the very beginning of Deck & Donohue. Aside from creating amazing labels and content, he is sharing his experience…
Bière pour Le Verre Volé

A grapevine wood smoked beer for Le Verre Volé

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“After a first few brews along the years, I started to brew more seriously, but still as an amateur, in 2010. I had always appreciated smoked beers (I went all…