Deck & Donohue part II

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Nouvelle brasserie Bonneuil

That’s it! We finally found the spot we’ve been looking for: by the end of the year, Deck & Donohue will add a second brewing site to our workshop in Montreuil.

For two years, your enthusiasm for our beers has exceeded our expectations and the Montreuil workshop Montreuil has been breaking at its seams for many months: a lack of space, pallets spilling out into the shared space with our neighbors, and long, long bottling days. The team has grown to keep pace, but spending eight to ten hours bottling one at a time several times a week continues to be a mighty effort for the whole team. We have been able to count on the Rabourdin Brewery in Courpalay to accommodate us to brew our Trouble # 6 and several other special editions, but the idea was always for this to be temporary. We are very pleased to establish a second site of production to be located in Bonneuil-sur-Marne, 15km from Montreuil. Works will begin soon, and we’ll share our advances as they come!

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What will not change

Our ingredients remain strictly the same, our recipes will not change, and our commitment to quality and excellence in all stages of production remains unchanged. We will continue to self-distribute and keep close to us the same the same concerns for proximity and responsiveness that has driven us from the beginning.

Montreuil will remain open for direct sales on Saturdays, and as things go we’ll try to extend these hours little by little. We really appreciated by the warm welcome we have received in Montreuil over the last 2 years and even though we weren’t able to find a new location in the city, we remain strongly attached to Montreuil and our neighborhood.

What will change

Having a greater capacity will allow us to perform the incredible feat of delivering all the beer that our current customers order! Often these days we are out of certain beers for a few days and are forced to “ration” deliveries. This production capacity will also certainly allow us to offer our beers to new customers.

Having a second production site will also recover brewing time in Montreuil, creating opportunities to offer more new beers. Expect new one-offs and collaborations with clients and beyond soon!

Upgrading our brewing and packaging equipment will give an immediate and significant upgrade to the quality of our beer. These improvements will also close a lot of efficiency gaps in our production, leading to a more energy efficient and less water consuming process. Finally, we’ll free up more time to work on new recipes, more events, and more opportunities to share beers with you!