Anniversary 2018

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Anniversaire Deck & Donohue

Four years already!

Just like every year, we have decided to celebrate our anniversary with you, not only with special beers but also during an entire day at our workshop in Montreuil.

We have created three new recipes for that occasion. After our Strong IPA, Sparkling Golden Ale and Wheatwine of 2017, now make room for a Session Pale Ale, a Wee Heavy and an India Pale Ale.

Our session is a pale ale, orange in colour, fruity and hoppy, with a malty finish. Special malts and a specific temperature for mashing give substance to this low-alcohol beer (2,7%) which allowed us to enjoy it during the entire day.

Our India Pale Ale presents notes of citrus and tropical fruits. Smooth and creamy, it delivers a hoppy finish and mild bitterness.

The Wee Heavy, a light brown scotch ale, has more malt complexity, with roasted and smoked flavours, and red fruit notes. Balanced and round, we also have imagined it with a different recipe for a cask, with orange peels and black pepper, served at room temperature.

Cask ale  is an unfiltered and unpasteurized beer which is conditioned and served from a cask without additional nitrogen or carbon dioxide pressure. Literally, cask means “container”, and it is a very typical way of conditioning and serving beer from Britain.

Traditionally draught beer came from wooden barrels, also called casks. In the 1950s these began to be replaced by metal casks of stainless steel or aluminium, mainly for quality reasons as they could be sterilised, and the beer was therefore less likely to spoil.  Subsequently, in the early 1960s a form of metal cask, known as a keg, was introduced which allowed for more efficient cleaning and filling in the brewery.

By the early 1970s most beer in Britain was keg beer, filtered, pasteurized and artificially carbonated, and most British brewers used carbon dioxide for dispensing keg beers.

Rare examples of natural beers could still be found, the last great stronghold of natural beer was about to be wiped out. In 1971 the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) was founded in Britain to save what they came to term “real ale” a type of beer defined as “beer brewed from traditional ingredients, matured by secondary fermentation in the container from which it is dispensed, and served without the use of extraneous carbon dioxide”.

Our anniversary started on the 8th of march: we took over all the taps of the bar Les trois 8, with which we had tapped our first keg back in 2014. Wee Heavy, Anniversary IPA, BRU 1 IPA, Wheatwine 2017, Makkuro Oyster, Indigo IPA and Ricochet were available on tap.

Eight days later, it’s at our workshop that all our friends and regular customers were invited. This anniversary day in Montreuil was built around a local music scene 100% from Montreuil, with different styles.

The afternoon started with Gisèle Pape, with a dream pop performance, followed by the latin jazz trio Lua Cheia and finally, Yeti Lane ended the event with a DJ Set.

The team from The Beast, the Texan smokehouse, was serving delicious pulled pork and brisket sandwiches. It was also the opportunity to enjoy for the very first time at the workshop the first custom beer we ever brewed for a client: The Beast, a light-colored rye ale with hints of pepper.

But an anniversary would be incomplete without a cake! The talented team at Ten Belles Bread imagined for the occasion a special creation made with 6 individual cakes which represented the logo of the brewery, with a specific recipe inspired by our anniversary beers.


Thank you everyone for being with us on that day, by your presence despite the changing weather, or by thought! We look forward to meeting again at the workshop, or for other occasions, in other places, to explore new flavors, enjoy new recipes of freshly brewed beers and share together our curiosity and passion for beer and taste.