We want to create a sustainable brewery, that encourages exploration, challenges status quo and builds deep personal relationships around the world




In August 2002, around a campfire in Virginia. Mike makes smores for Thomas, freshly arrived in the US. We don't know yet that we will develop together a passion for beer during our year on campus at Georgetown.



2005 San Francisco, at the corner of 26th and Mission, we brew our first batch of beer together. We know we will create a brewery some day. Mike starts brewing at the 21st Amendment, Thomas starts brewing beer in his kitchen.



June 2013: that's it, we quit our jobs, Mike crosses the ocean. We find a nice workshop in Montreuil. Our first batch is brewed beginning of 2014.
Our dream becomes a reality, and it's just the start !



Two years later, we open a new larger brewery in Bonneuil. The team is expanding: we are now ten, brewing, presenting and selling our beers with the same passion and enthusiasm. Summer 2018, Mike decided to leave the brewery.


Deck & Donohue Founders
Deck & Donohue team in Montreuil

Mike and I have been passionate about beer for more than 15 years. We have visited various breweries, tried hundreds of beers, brewed dozens of recipes. As a result, we created Deck & Donohue to share our passion.

Why Deck & Donohue?

In 2014, we decided to give our family names to our brewery, as a commitment to brewing beers we are proud of and because we believe that beer is not part of the “terroir”, but a product made from a recipe, which taste depends more on the people who brew it than the place it was brewed. We brew a large range of beers to show its diversity and breadth and to highlight the infinite possibilities of exploration and experimentation as well as our own creativity.

Our Commitment to Freshness

Our team takes the freshness of our beers very seriously, which allows us to propose well balanced and aromatic beers. With some exceptions, beer deteriorates with time. Our use-by date of 6 months is the proof of our commitment. We are also committed to delivering our beers directly to our clients, which allows us to have deep relationships with them and work with them to make sure they are always satisfied.

Our Brewery Today

Mike decided to leave the brewery in 2018, partly because working together, even with years of friendship, turned out difficult. However, the entire team continues to bring the same passion and enthusiasm.

Thomas Deck


In essence, we believe in the beauty of simplicity, and the sophistication required to reach it. We believe in balance and fight against excess.

Our work respects tradition, but values experimentation. Furthermore, we believe in technical progress and innovation at the service of men.

Our team is not satisfied with easy answers and we want to be respected for the right reasons. We reject trends.

All of us at Deck & Donohue believe in long lasting relationships. We believe in meeting new people and telling new stories.

We are concerned by the protection of our ecosystem and want our activity to be as natural as possible. Therefore, we strive to be a sustainable brewery.

Our goal is to create a humble company, without cynicism, aimed toward client satisfaction.


Anatolie, Valentin, Lauren, Pierre-Louis, Benoit, Ulysse, Paul et Thomas