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Jolly Roger – fall seasonal

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Our Fall seasonal – a pumpkin ale – arrives this week !

Pumpkin has been used to make beer for centuries in the United States, being a native plant that was far more available than high quality malted barley. Its sugary flesh replaced malted grains to make a less expensive beer. In fact, certain beers were made entirely from pumpkin.


“if barley be wanting to make into malt

We must be contented and think it no fault

For we can make liquor to sweeten our lips

Of pumpkins and parsnips and walnut-tree chips”


Jolly Roger was brewed with pumpkins from the nearby farm “A tout bout de Champs à Claye Souilly”, which were roasted (7 per batch) by our friend Darin in the ovens of the local restaurant Little Kitchen. Once lightly caramelized and softened, the pumpkin was added directly to the mash with the malted barley and wheat, contributing fermentable sugars, a characteristic aroma, and a round mouthfeel. A rich amber color, Jolly Roger presents a malty, round, and lightly toasted flavor with notes of traditional spices and vanilla before finishing dry.

It is Freddy Cats, organizer of the festival Noches de los Muertos in Montreuil for the past 6 years, who customized our label with his artwork. This 6th edition of the festival is symbolized in the “Jolly Roger”, traditional emblem of pirates and corsairs. “Ornementation à la fois naïve et aggressive, symbole de la folie destructrice des hommes, porte bonheur pour “trompe la mort”” «An ornament both innocent and aggressive, a symbol of the folly of men, a lucky charm to cheat death». The collective exposition brings together 20 artists in the month of November, in Montreuil and Romainville. Jolly Roger will be available at a number of the events.


On Saturday Novemeber 15th, come to the workshop to meet Agnès who supplied the pumpkins for us from the Monts Gardés à Claye Souilly, 30km away. Agnès has already been taking our spent grain since we opened to feed her animals and for compost. She also planted several hop varieties for us, which we look forward to harvesting next year… She will present to us her work, the vegetable baskets from her CSA program (community supported agriculture), and have a pumpkin soup to sample as well!


On Wednesday evening November 19th, we have the pleasure to have the Noches de los Muertos come to our workshop with tacos from Café Chilango, the dynamic art of Mucho Media, and a hanging display of art by the children of Les Beaux Mercredis inspired by the theme of Jolly Roger. Come!


Addition of November 24th : an image from the November 19th event at the brewery, thanks to all who came!