April 2014 - Deck & Donohue

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Forty days later

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It’s been a month that our beers are out, and it’s time to give some news. We’re slowly getting used to our new pace of life, between brewing, bottling, deliveriesand tastings.

First cases leave the workshop, March 13

We’re very happy that our beers are already available in 30 locations, both in Paris and in Montreuil. Our first case of beer was delivered to Septime on March 13. Our first keg was tapped at Trois 8 the week after (we were there!). We also really thankful to be able to find our beers in Montreuil at Little Kitchen, just a few short blocks from our workshop.


First keg tapped @ Trois 8, March 21

We did our first tasting in a nice courtyard in the 20th with “A tout bout de champ”, the association which takes our spent grain to feed animals on the banks of the Ourcq. We also had the chance to pour you beer at Superbarquette thanks to les Camionneuses.

Our workshop is open to the public on Saturdays from 10am to 3pm to show you our work and of course taste our beers. Thanks to all of you who already came. We have had the pleasure of welcoming Benji who took pics for our website, Emily, Meg, Nichole, Kate, Dorothée, Aaron, Nico, Pierrick, Jean-Marie, and all the others, friends, neighbors, the curious, and many new friends!

Last but not least, we also prepared our website to share more about what we do, our beers, and to stay in touch. Our friend David Rager, who already gave a face to all of our beers by working on our visual identity, designed the site. Thanks!

So what’s next ?

Ricochet, our hoppy amber, should be ready around May 10 to finalize our core line up of 5 beers. We are working on the recipe for our first seasonal, and on some experiments which will be available for tasting at the workshop.

We are also preparing events for the first Paris Beer Week, which will take place between May 24 and June 1. We will have a booth at the closing event at Café A on Sunday June 1st.

Stay tuned!