David Rager: the mastermind behind our graphic identity

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Sous Bock Deck & Donohue

David Rager has been the mastermind behind all our artwork since the very beginning of Deck & Donohue. Aside from creating amazing labels and content, he is sharing his experience on social media, brand and design with us. Thomas asked him a few questions on the work we did together for the past 4 years, and the new things coming up!

[Thomas] Hi David, first could you tell us a little about yourself? Who you are, what you do, what you enjoy doing..

[David] Thanks Thomas! I’m a designer, my background is in print design and branding, but I also do a lot of interior design projects. I’m a Californian who lived in Paris for five really memorable years, and now I’m working between LA and Paris on a variety of projects.

-I remember our first meeting on the terrace of la Pointe du Groin back in August 2014; what were your first impressions about participating to the launch of a craft brewery in the Paris area back then?

-That was a memorable evening, as were most at la Pointe du Groin back then, I remember being really impressed that you were going to make this big jump from working in a very safe big office job to opening a craft brewery with a foreigner! I grew up in California where craft beer was hard to avoid and I remember selfishly really wanting to be involved with Deck and Donohue because I wanted easy access to what was potentially going to be great beer. You seemed very organized and focused so I had no doubt you’d be a great partner in terms of working together.

-Would you be willing to share with us your work and thought process on our logo and label artwork? (Maybe with a few illustrations of the work on progress??)

-Of course! With the way I like to work, design is really a dialogue. I rarely present something and say to a client “here, this is 100% it”.. and the process was iterative with the Deck and Donohue branding.. Mostly the goal was to tell a story in as few words as possible – we needed something that’d be recognizable as having a connection to beer, and also hoped to tell a bit about the creation story without being too heavy handed. We were trying to create something, that the more time you spend with it the more details you’d notice, the way the patterns change to reflect taste profiles and the backstory elements that create the logo mark, and the way the type shifts per beer while following some rules. But most of all I wanted to create something that felt right for you two.

-I remember having a hard time choosing between the different options you were working on and taking a long time to make up ny mind. Was there a moment where I particularly pissed you off?

-Not at all! In fact you did us both a great service by not being satisfied, in return we went further and further until we got to a place we both really loved. That labor isn’t always fun, but it’s often worth it.

-What’ the artwork that you created for Deck & Donohue that you are the most proud of?

-It’s all so fun, I love the logo mark especially on the coasters and the neon sign we did. And the yearly Anniversary labels are always fun to work on, especially last years set where we made a few animations to go with them..

-Artwork aside, what’s the beer from our lineup that you enjoy most?

-I’m a Mission man.

-We recently started work on our barrel aging program artwork and identity, would you like to point to a few directions you are interested in exploring on this?

-We’ll hopefully create something that separates the Barrel aged series from the original line up because it’s so different in every way – quantity, bottle size, labor. it’s too early to go into any details, but it’s going to be a fun challenge!

-What content or artwork would you like to work on with us that you didnt have a chance until then?

-I want more behind the scenes at the brewery! Also doing some video and animation work would be fun. And of course, more neon!

-And is there a specific beer or beer style you would love to see us brew?

-How about a D&D Rauchbier?!

-Why not ! Thanks David !