Montreuil: The end of a chapter

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première brasserie artisanale à Montreuil

We have decided to close our atelier in Montreuil as of this summer. It is where we started our aventure back in 2013 and where we brewed our entire range of beers until late 2016 and our limited releases until 2017. Every Saturday for five years, we have opened our door to share our work and help our visitors learn about the principles of brewing, and the recipes that we have created.

We began to ask ourself the question earlier this year because we are now at the end of our lease agreement after six years. We could either leave now or commit to three more years. Although it is unfortunate to leave the place where Deck & Donohue began, we have made the choice to leave because:

  • We brew less and less in Montreuil: Our entire core range and our seasonal beers are now brewed in Bonneuil (15kms de Montreuil). Even our barrel aged beer and the majority of our limited releases (Oscillateur Harmonique, Citrus x Paradisi) are now brewed in Bonneuil.
  • We do not want to make it seem like our brewery in Montreuil is our primary production site when it is only used two days per month. We do not believe that beer is a product of “terroir” and the fact that we brew (or do not brew) in Montreuil does not change the taste of our beer. We decided to give our family names to the brewery because their taste depends more on the recipe than on the place that they were brewed, and we have never claimed a “terror Montreuillois”.
  • The equipment that we have in Bonneuil allow us to brew our beers in much better conditions. On the one hand, the stability and quality has improved, and on the other hand the team has superior working conditions: bottling by hand, is maybe romantic from the outside but in our work, it does not have a favourable impact on taste. In addition, bottling beer by hand for 8-10 hours in not the dream job for those who are passionate about joining the world of micro-breweries! We are proud to have a much larger production site than where we started (1000m2 as opposed to 90, 3500l brewing capacity as opposed to 400l). Our brewery in Bonneuil is what has allowed our team to grow to 8 people animated by the same passion and enthusiasm.

To our friends in Montreuil: Thank you for your fidelity over these last five years. We hope that closing the doors at rue de la Fraternité is more of a clarification than a fundamental change, and does not tarnish your curiosity and love for our beer. We will continue to propose our core range and a few special editions in a number of establishments in Montreuil and they will always remain “local”!

We have tried to answer as many questions as we could imagine, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have something to ask us!

No more Saturdays at the atelier? We will stay open every Saturday until the 6 of July. After this date, Alimentation Zouaghi (100m from the brewery) will continue to propose our beer at the same preferential price as the atelier, and even better: all week!

So… you are going to brew fewer special beers?No! We are always experimenting in Bonneuil. It was never the idea to create a new beer each week because for us, a recipe is work and is something that we polish and refine over time. We brew as many limited releases, and if not more in 2019 than in 2018 and this is the plan for the years to come. For example, we just released a saison infused with oregano and rosemary from Les Monts Gardés, and we will soon release a smoked blanche, and another barrel aged project.

And Bonneuil, can we visit? Unfortunately our contract does not allow us to sell beer from the Brewery but we try to organize events at least two times per year to be able to showcase what we do. Our last open house was Saturday July 8th. If you weren’t able to join us, send us an email so we can find another moment!

Are you going to open another space? Not this year, but in 2020: you never know!